Small tips for increasing your hair volume

Girl being hair iron


If you have long hair but you are not satisfied with how voluminous it is, worry not, because there are some tricks that can easily add volume to it. You can try these simple tricks one at a time and see for yourself which volumizing technique best suits your hair type and personal preferences.

In most cases. Two tricks, or more, can be combined to add even more volume, especially if your hair tends to droop on the sides and hug the scalp, to make your hair appear more attractive and attain greater volume, be sure to check out the following tips and tricks.

Use a volumizer and a special hair iron

Girl being hair combWhen your hair looks unhealthy and is mostly composed of dead cells, it can make or break your day. Keep in mind, though, that bad hair days are usually caused by poor hygiene and neglect. If your hair tends to lie straight and flat, make sure to use a volumizer, to take care of it. You can choose between a plethora of various products, but silicone-based ones usually turn out as the best, when it comes to supporting and strengthening the hair. You can think of a volumizer as some crutch for your hair, as its main purpose is to support it.

However, always keep in mind that you cannot carelessly apply a volumizer on your hair. That will only produce negative results. For volumizers to be fully effective, they should be thoroughly applied when your hair is still damp. After you have applied it, you need to have your hair blow dried. When blow drying, make sure to dry the hairs underneath first. Once these hairs are thoroughly dried, they become much more resistant to flatness. And become stronger. After that, you can proceed to dry the rest of your hair in sections.

Volumizing hair irons

Additionally, you can also use hair irons. However, keep in mind that you should not use standard hair irons, because they will just flatten your hair, without adding volume. Instead, you should use volumizing hair irons, like the Voloom iron, which will both straighten your hair and add volume to it. When considering the voloom iron, make sure to check out some reviews online and get a glimpse of other people’s experiences with it.

Get angles and layers

If you just want your hair long, you have slim chances of making it voluminous, as well. For that to happen, it needs styling. Some of the best styling techniques involve sharp angles and surface layers.

However, applying these techniques on your hair is anything but simple and easy. Doing this on your own will most likely damage your hair and nothing else. To get the best results, make sure to visit your hair salon and ask your hairstylist to do that. He/she will know exactly how to perform these techniques and add substantially more volume to your hair.

Hair sprays and hair gymnastics

woman fixing her hairWhen it comes to the hair sprays, keep in mind that they can be quite tricky, if not used properly. The purpose of the hair spray is not to make your hair look good, but instead to simply hold it in place. If your hair is at an odd angle when you spray it, it will be like that for the rest of the day.

To get the best results, try to do some hair gymnastics and use a light-hold spray. You can do the gymnastics by just flipping your hair, while the light-hold spray will make your hair look natural and flexible for styling.