How to Purchase Neopoints Safely

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Neopoints (NPs) is a term which refers to a currency that is used in the virtual website. This virtual site is usually a pet website known as Neopets. A new person visiting the site has the freedom to create an account also he or she can own some of the virtual pets called Neopets. The visitors or the members of the website also have the free will to buy the pets some items. There exist two virtual currencies that a person can use to buy items for the pets on the website. These two currencies are; once can be earned when you are on the site and the other type of currency is that which is normally purchased with normal real money. You can safetly purchase neopoints at Discussed in this article are some guidelines you should know before and when purchasing Neopoints.


Sending Bought Items

Gray ConsoleAmong the many guidelines in the Neopets website, sending bought items to your main account straight away is usually not a good idea. It is good to know that once you have bought items try to send them first to some storage account before you send them to your main account. And also when doing this, it is recommended to use a proxy on your storage account

Number of Items to Buy

When buying, items do not buy many items at a single time. Next time you go and buy items make sure that you buy not more than ten items at a single time. You will also realize that even buying ten items is a lot. You should aim at buying around three to five items at a single time.

Showing off Bought Items

Showing off purchased items right away is something you should not try. This is because like for instance if you have a brand account and your account appears to have like 10,000,000 items this raises red flags for other people on the website. As a result of this, many users in the site will try to report your account, and you will end up losing your account. So try not to show off your bought items when you buy them.

Changing Your Email

Black gaming laptopWhen you log on to your account, it is good to change your email and also your password. However, do not change both the email and the password at the same time. A suitable format of changing the password and the email is by changing either the password or the email at the day you buy the account and changing the other the day after that.