A Guide to Living in The Wilderness

person looking at sunset

Living in the wilderness is an intriguing idea if you want peace and beautiful scenery to wake up to every morning. That is probably a few of the many reasons why our ancestors love to live off the grid so much. However, it is not an easy change to make if you’re used to the everyday modern way of living. Here are some steps on how to get you prepared to live out in the wild.

Learn survival skills

Living in the middle of nature is all about survival. You need to know how to stay alive and make the most of what is around you as a way of living. You should also learn how to predict climates and build a shelter out of forest materials. There are a lot of resources on survival skills available on the internet, including tutorials. Practice in your backyard first and consider going on camping trips before completely moving out to the wild.

Person refining the wood

Make a list of supplies

This step is probably the most important of all because it might determine what you buy on your last grocery shopping trip. No matter how much we try, there are some things that nature will not provide, such as completely clean and purified water. This is why things like portable showers are best to be on your supply list. Make as long of a list as you want, just make sure nothing in that list requires electricity and is easy to carry.

Outdoor cooking tools

Pack the right clothes

You won’t have a closet as you do in your house out there in the wild, so you need to plan carefully on what you’ll wear. Avoid purchasing too many clothes because when you live in the wild, you won’t need fashionable options. Pack clothes that are suitable for all seasons and all types of climates. Get extra raincoats and jackets for you to layer on at night.

Invest in a backpack

A backpack is the easiest storage for you to carry during your move. A high-quality hiking backpack can fit in a sleeping bag, around five sets of clothes, and will still have space for food and equipment. Find a backpack that is waterproof and is comfortable on your back. There are plenty of outdoor activities stores that sell backpacks specially designed for going out in the wild. Try them on and have a walk around the store to see how it fits you before buying it.

These steps will surely guide you for your courageous decision to move into the wilderness. Pay attention to all the details and have as much practice in the wild as much as you can before stepping out from civilization for good.