Best Longboard Beginners Guide

Red skateboard

In the modern world, longboarding has increasingly become popular. It is a fun activity that everyone would be tempted to engage in at any time. A longboard, for those not familiar with them, is a form of skating board with four wheels. Many shops offer some of the Best Longboard Brands that shoppers can enjoy to use. When you are shopping for a long board considers the following:

Types of longboards

They come in various types, and each has its pros and cons. There are commonly two typesperson riding longboard

They are meant to control even very high speeds and hence they are not for beginners. Only pros can use these long boards as they are intended for downhill rolling. For stability, these boards are flat with a big wheel base. Their decks offer great stability at high speeds.

Cruisers are meant for moving and maneuvering along the streets. They are oval-shaped and light in weight. Their primary focus is on maneuvering from one place to place and not speed.


There is no one, who want to gamble with their life’s safety, right? So the material that makes the board is something no one can afford to ignore. The most common materials that make these longboards are:

It is no doubt that bamboo has become so popular and its usage has increased. When used to make the boards, they offer incredible stability, especially when rolling along the streets. They are light hence giving better control of the board. They are also cheap and durable.

Carbon fiber
They are very expensive and make high-end, longboards. Their core is made of foam to ensure they are light enough for control. They come in beautiful colors to suit everyone’s needs.

Maple is the most common mate
rial that every longboarder knows. Their durability cannot be matched with any other. They are however thick and solid making flexibility a bit hard.

Longboard wheels

Most longboards are assembled to suit different users person riding longboardpreferences. Wheels are very crucial part of longboards as they provide the movement capability. Choose wheels that are solid and durable to avoid chances of an accident. Also, smooth wheels with the right diameter are very important.


They are the T- shaped metal that is connected to the longboard deck. These will offer greater stability and control of the boards. It must be made of durable material that does not bend to avoid accidents.