Cats Care

Although many people may think that purchasing a drinking fountain for a cat or dog is a straightforward matter, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind that relate to both the animal’s health as well as convenience for the owner. Let’s take a short look at a couple of the most important issues with the hope that you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when it comes time to buy a drinking fountain for your cat. If you are looking for a good cat water fountain, click here to see it.

Considerations when buying cats water fountain


catSome materials retain moisture and bacteria more than others, and this can lead to a higher likelihood that your cat will pick up an infection in its urinary tract. To combat this problem, be sure not to skimp on the cost of the drinking fountain and find something with non-porous material. Generally speaking, stay away from most plastics! Good materials are ceramic, stainless steel, or anything else that is non-porous.


You may be tempted to purchase a cat drinking fountain that comes with every possible bell and whistle, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to proceed. Sometimes it is better to buy a product with just a few, well-implemented features. If you are getting a great price on a product that is loaded with features, you can be pretty sure that there were compromises during the design or manufacturing processes.

So what features should you be looking for? At a bare minimum, be sure to purchase a fountain that uses some water filtration system. By far the most common filter media is charcoal, a cheap and easily replaceable material that people have relied on for decades when it comes to water purification.

Entertainment Value

catDoes the fountain feature an interesting shape? Does it make noise? These are kinds of questions you should be asking when you are considering how entertaining it will be for your cat. This is a great thing to consider simply because most people buy these fountains to give the cat a self-sustaining lifestyle while they are gone for extended periods of time.

Many cat drinking fountains are designed with this factor in mind, featuring anything from funny noises, intricate shapes and compelling water features that will keep your cat entertained as well as hydrated!


While there are certainly additional things to consider, as long as you keep your cat’s health and well-being first and foremost in your mind when it comes time to make a purchase, it’s hard to go wrong.