Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid When Losing Weight

a woman measuring her waist line

Losing weight may be a losing battle if you miss out on the basics right. It is pretty obvious that you have to watch what you eat. However, that is not all. There are a few healthy foods that can completely ruin your weight-loss diet plan. Here are some of the mistakes every woman should avoid when losing weight.

Salads could be your undoingbread sandwich graphic

Most people are surprised whenever the learn that that salads can be your undoing when it comes to weight loss. Come to think of it; how many people do you see making their salads delicious by dressing them with mayonnaise or sprinkling lots of salt and other preservatives that contain sodium? If you must take a salad, then, make sure you dress it with olive oil, lemon juice or garlic instead of the mayonnaise or salt.

Say no to muffins and fruit juices or drinks

A large number of people on weight loss diet assume that muffins are a healthy option. However, the are loaded with a lot of sugar and refined flour; they are just empty calories. Health experts emphasize the importance of eating raw fruits, and they do so for a good reason.

Take the case of fruit juices; once the fruit is converted, it loses a lot of minerals and vitamins which are replaced with sugar preservatives and fructose corn syrup. Moreover, the fruit juices served in restaurants are made of fruit pulp instead of fresh fruit. The body needs fiber and the best way to get it is by eating fresh fruit.

Avoid refined cereal products

It’s a popular belief that when a dish contains grains or is multi-grained, it’s healthy. This is not always the case; if you check the labels of most food like bread or pasta, you will notice that they merely contain refined grains such as white flour. In other words, keep away from refined cereal products. Next in line comes sauces; they do not have real nutrients, just empty calories in the form of preservatives.

Sexy woman drinking orange juiceCheese is a milk product that is an excellent source of proteins and calcium. As much as dieticians recommend lots of protein for people on a weight loss program, cheese is not such a good choice. This is due to the reason that it is full of fat. Avoid cheese at all costs but if you insist then parmesan or feta cheese would do.

Losing weight is a commitment which requires you to make some sacrifices. Some of the foods you consume build up weight rather than cut it down. This has been touted as one of the main reasons many people have been complaining about poor results. Avoid this mistakes and  combine healthy practices with a program like the venus factor and your mission to a fitter, healthier and stronger body becomes a reality.